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Are you looking to save time and reduce cost by authorizing and Electronically processing checks at the point of sale? Ensight Merchant Services through its partnership with TeleChecks offers a customizable electronic check acceptance program that is tailored to your businesses needs. It is safe, cost effective and reliable. Giving you the ability to accept check payments at the point of sale , online, via mobile device and over the phone.
Tele Check Benefits

  • TeleCheck handles 92% of ACH’s world wide
  • TeleCheck has the patent on electronic check acceptance
  • Increase revenue by serving customers who don’t have or prefer not use credit or debit cards.
  • Reduced cost from accepting a payment method that is less expensive than paper check or credit card processing.
  • Reduce fraud the use of real time reporting features
  • Easily manage recurring payments that increase a customers lifetime value
  • Streamline you bank reconciliation process


Tele Check Features

  • US Currency
  • Streamline Electronic Check Transactions in the same file as you credit card transactions.
  • State of the art real-time reporting and transaction history
  • State of the art verification process that analyzes data to identify patterns, identify and prevent fraud, and develop profiles of valid and invalid transaction.
  • Deposit matching which utilizes a state of the art TeleCheck check writer database to determine whether to approve or decline checks.

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