Gift Card Programs

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Gift cards and stored-value programs are great for attracting consumers and driving bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have steadily risen over the years, and with that so has the demand. Ensight’s Gift and Loyalty program is a comprehensive gift card and stored-value solution featuring:


  • Professionally designed or customizable cards
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Cross-location reporting and reconciliation
  • Targeted marketing programs


Enhance Your Brand

  • Connect with your customers and build your brand awareness
  • A gift card recipient is receiving an endorsement of your brand from the card purchaser.
  • Gift Cards attract new customers


Keep Profits in House

  • Some merchants opt to use store credit via gift cards for merchant returns
  • Balance on activated cards is held by the merchant until redemption
  • Reduces fraud and is inexpensive to accept as a form of payment
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