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Credit Card Terminals or Software: How Should Your Business Process Credit Card Payments?

Whether to use a credit card terminal or software to process transactions shouldn’t be a tough decision.

It really boils down to your relationship with your computer. In situations where you typically process credit cards, do you normally have your computer with you?

If the answer is “yes,” and you are comfortable with using your computer to process credit card transactions, then software can give you several advantages over credit card terminals.

Most credit card processing software includes extra features, such as the ability to access reports any time. You never know when it might be useful to go back and look up a past transaction. Your computer is more powerful than a credit card terminal, so naturally you can do more with a computer and the right credit card software.

Also, you’ll save a lot of money. Credit card processing software usually costs less than the purchase of a credit card terminal or a printer. It’s generally also more user-friendly.

Still, for some types of business it might make sense to invest in a credit card terminal. This tends to be especially true for mail order and telephone order businesses.

For one thing, a computer takes time to boot up, and it’s not always in the most convenient location. Would it be worthwhile to make a trek to the other end of the building and switch on your computer just to process one credit card transaction?

On the opposite extreme, if you find yourself processing several transactions one after another, you may risk your computer crashing. Credit card terminals don’t crash very often, so a one-time investment in a credit card terminal could save you from countless computer problems and headaches.
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