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Credit Card Processing Services and Terminals at a Guaranteed Low Cost

We’re on a quest to bring you the absolute lowest prices on credit card processing and credit card terminals. Our staff calls up merchant account service companies nationwide every week to find the lowest prices available. We dig through search results, directories, and catalogs on the internet to find you better values on merchant accounts and credit card equipment.

We follow up on every lead to bring you the lowest possible price on credit card terminals and merchant account services. And every week we do it again.

If there’s a better deal out there on credit card processing services, we haven’t seen it. But you can be sure that we will.
Because we’re certain that our prices are lower than any other merchant account or credit card equipment seller, we offer you a guarantee!

Credit Card Terminals Low Price Guarantee:

If one of our competitors offers you a lower price on credit card equipment, Ensight Merchant Services will match that price. Not only that, but as a thank-you for bringing it to our attention, we’ll give you an additional $10 off.

(Please note that this guarantee is only for the specific credit card terminals and printers that are listed on our website. If the comparison price is only available with a merchant account or other condition, then our price guarantee will not apply.)

Merchant Account Low Cost Guarantee:

Ensight Merchant Services will beat the merchant account rates and fees of any other merchant account provider. If you bring us a complete schedule of rates and fees for another merchant account service, and the overall cost is lower than ours, we’ll give you an American Express Gift Card for $100.

Process and Guidelines

You (the merchant) must provide all requested information for this guarantee to be valid. This includes a complete schedule of rates and fees from a verifiable merchant account competitor. If any competitive fees seem to be missing or unclear, we may require you to provide the missing information.
If the merchant is already processing credit card transactions, we may request the previous two month’s statements along with their original contract or agreement.

When making the comparison between Ensight Merchant Services and a competitor’s cost, all rates and fees are considered. This includes, but is not limited to, purchase or leasing of credit card terminals or other necessary hardware, merchant account set-up fees, programming, statement fees, customer service, termination or annual fees.

Ensight Merchant Services will make the cost comparison by projecting these charges, taking into account the merchant’s business type, method for collecting charges, projected monthly charge volume, credit history and any other factors which are part of the true, overall cost of the merchant account.

We do this to develop a realistic picture of what you will actually pay for a merchant account over the course of a year.

This is the only way to accurately compare the true cost of a merchant account, because almost all merchant account providers have a different way of pricing their service.

Ultimately, this rigorousness will help you better understand the true cost of your merchant account, regardless of who provides your service.

Once we honor our guarantee, the merchant has 5 business days to complete an Ensight Merchant Services account application. Ensight Merchant Services retains the right to void the guarantee if the merchant does not complete the application within this time. Further, should the competing merchant account provider subsequently offer lower rates, Ensight Merchant Services will not be required to beat these rates.

This guarantee is dependant on the merchant being approved by the merchant account processor. In the event you are not approved by the processor, Ensight Merchant Services will make every effort to get the same low rates rate through another merchant account processor, but we will not be able to honor the guarantee.

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