Product Description

An all-in-one, payment terminal, which supports a range of applications on one secure multi-application platform, it is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

Dejavoo V8S offers Dual Comm. connectivity allowing users to securely access a broad set of new applications. V8S stakes its place in the internet world. Adding a new peripheral or a new technology has never been so easy. The V8S can evolve by adding new peripherals to benefit from a new technology or interface. Thanks to its plug and play capabilities, connecting via Ethernet makes it simple.

Basic Terminal Features

• 128 MB Memory
• Customized Menu with Up to 20 Programmable Hot Keys
• Back Lit Key Pad
• Hi- Def display
• ARM 11
• Multiple Application
• Multiple Merchant with Multiple Host
• Secure Internal PIN Pad or External PIN Pad option”

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