FD 300 TI


Product Description

The First Data FD300Ti Encrypted terminal is the ideal solution for operations that need to keep track of sales for separate businesses (as many as 99) that are housed at the same location. Its multi-merchant capability allows each owner to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of the purchase. Each merchant receives an individualized statement listing only his own transactions in an easy-to-read format.

The FD300Ti accepts all major credit cards, as well as PIN, signature and contactless debit cards (separate peripheral required). Security precautions are built in, with only the last four digits of the cardholder’s account number printed on the receipt.

Transactions take just seconds through the Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, with Wi-Fi available as an option for merchants whose point of sale is located away from their broadband connection. The FD300Ti terminal’s built-in printer is one of the fastest on the market, and it’s easy to learn, easy to load and jam-resistant.


• Large, easy-to-read color touch-screen display
• Windows CE Operating System
• Fast downloads via IP, with Wi-Fi available as an option (dial-up backup)
• Accepts virtually all payment options
• Complete diagnostics for support and installation
• 32MB Flash/64MB SDRAM memory
• Five USB ports, two serial ports, phone and modem ports for current connectivity and future expansion
• High-quality manufacturing design for durability

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