MagTek I Dynamo


Product Description

From the company that leads with “”Security from the Inside”” MagTek has done it again with the iDynamo, a secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) designed to work with all supported iOS devices. The iDynamo offers MagneSafeTM security and delivers open standards encryption with simple, yet proven DUKPT key management, immediate tokenization of card data and MagnePrint® card authentication to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards. Mobile merchants can now leverage the power of their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch products without the worries of handling or storing sensitive card data at any time.

Ideal for merchants and mobile users, the iDynamo offers MagneSafe security features combined with the power of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch products with either 30-PIN or Lightning interface options. This powerful combination assures convenience and cost savings while maximizing card data protection and transaction security from the moment the card is swiped all the way to authorization. No other card reader beats the protection offered by a MagneSafe product.

Other devices claim to encrypt data in the reader. The iDynamo encrypts the data inside the read head, closest to the magnetic stripe and offers additional security layers with immediate tokenization of card data and MagnePrint card authentication. This layered approach to security far exceeds the protection of encryption by itself, decreases the scope of PCI compliance, and reduces fraud.
The iDynamo is rugged and affordable, so it not only withstands real world use, it performs to the high standards set by MagTek as the leader in magnetic card reading products for over 40 years.

• Apple 30-PIN and Lightning Interface Options
• Open standards-based encryption
• Immediate card data tokenization
• MagnePrint card authentication
• Makes “”card present”” sales easier to accept


• Ergonomic and rugged design
• Apple 30-PIN and Lightning Interface Options
• Protects card data per PCI DSS requirements
• MagnePrint card authentication
• Generates dynamic payment card data with each swipe
• Device/host authentication
• Unique, non-changeable serial number
• Time bound session IDs
• Triple DES encryption
• DUKPT key management
• Tokenization
• Masked data
• Reads up to 3 tracks
• Bi-directional read
• Reads ANSI/ISO/AAMVA cards plus custom formats

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